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Official results from the City Council election on April 8, 2014. Results were certified by the Municipal Election Commission on Thursday, April 10.

Firefighters Burn Foundation Fundraiser

Shandi Hall

Lieutenant Shandi Hall was recently selected as Mrs. January for the 2014 Southeastern Firefighters Burn Foundation Calendar Fundraiser. This calendar will be sold throughout the state trying to raise money for families affected by burns throughout the Southeast.

Lieutenant Shandi Hall has worked for the Anderson City Fire Department for 13 years. Shandi is currently assigned as B shift Station 3 officer and has been there for 3 years. She hopes this will help raise money for a good cause. More...

Animal Care

Animal Care

The animal care and maintenance ordinance, which was adopted July 8, 2013, was designed to lessen improper care and treatment of animals, as well as address the living environment and maintenance of animals. Anderson citizens should be pleased to know that the new law is generating positive results.

The ordinance, also referred to as the animal care/tethering ordinance, has been effective. The first 30+ days of implementation have shown positive results. Approximately 150 dogs are no longer living in chained/tethered conditions. Passage of the law and the educational efforts are working.

Included in these positive results are the cooperative efforts with Freedom Fences who has provided/installed at least 30 fences over the past 30 days, plus spay/neutering services. As expected, the number of calls for Animal Control rose in June and early July (from 272 to 355), but calls for August seem to be trending back to normal levels. Many thanks to City Council, the supportive citizens, and the Anderson Police Department and Animal Control Officer Michelle Smith.

Westview Plots

New Plots Available

New plots are available in Westview Cemetery. Began in the early 1900's as a municipal cemetery for African Americans, Westview is located on Sayre Street. African Americans who figure prominently in Anderson's history are laid to rest there including W. I. Peek and Fred Jackson, who were mortuary business pioneers. Currently, there are approximately 9,000 gravesites on more than 22 acres. Phase I of the expansion will add over 1,200 plots. For more information, contact the cemetery office, 1405 White St., Anderson, SC 29624, (864) 231-2255. City Cemetery Endowment Fund

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